Project space rental

artspace@57 is developing a model that gives pro-active contemporary artists an opportunity to showcase their work in a fantastic space with website and promotional support.  Building on its growing reputation as a venue for exciting and varied art practice, artspace@57 invites artists to use the gallery space for a period of up to three weeks to exhibit their work, as a place to develop their practice, run workshops or art related events.


Situated in Ashburton, a thriving destination for those interested in the arts, good food and antiques, artspace@57 has shop frontage, a strong identity and a growing database of supporters.  All exhibitions in the space are advertised on-line through the website and social media and exhibiting artists have full scope to promote their shows through their own networks and resources as well.


Karen Pearson, the artist who runs artspace@57, is passionate about finding ways for artists who want to find an audience for their work to do so. Although she does have selection criteria in place, she really welcomes emerging and established artists across all mediums to apply.

Rental is affordable and straightforward.  It can be used by both individual artists and groups.


The space is booked until the end of August 2014.  Karen is interested in developing a list of interested artists who would like the space from September.


An exciting opportunity for artists who want to get their work out there -  come and have a look or contact Karen on 07525 923734 or

Rental terms



•  Rent is £55/week for an individual artist. One week’s rent is      required on booking a time slot (non-refundable).  These rates are subject to change from September 2014.


•  There is a 15% commission on any work sold during the use of the space.  No commission will be charged on greetings card sales, but will be on everything else.  Please can any sales other than greetings cards sales be receipted using the artspace@57 receipt book.


•  The space can be rented for a period of up to three weeks only.  This allows for a variety of activity in the venue.


•  The space needs to be left in the condition it was in at the start of the rental period.


•  Any damage to existing hanging systems, projection screen, electrical equipment and lighting and signage needs to be paid for in full.


•  The studio space is not included in the rental and Karen Pearson needs access at all times.


•  There is access to a toilet and water.


•  Artists need to insure their own work.  Karen has public liability.


•  Artists need to arrange invigilation of exhibition.  However, Karen is in the studio two days a week and is able to do this by arrangement on those days if appropriate.


•  All artists’ shows will be promoted on the website and social media and an email out to the artspace@57 database.


•  Ideally, a commitment to run an artist’s talk about the work on the first Saturday of the show.  artspace@57 will contribute coffee and biscuits for this free event.  However, this is negotiable.


•  Any preview event is funded by the artist but will be supported by artspace@57.


•  Any promotion outside that above is funded and carried out by the artist.  artspace@57 will support this where appropriate.


•  artspace@57 will not accept responsibility for any damage to work.


•  If above average use of electricity is required, there may be a small extra charge.