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22nd - 28th November

Open Thursday 26th, Friday, 27th & Saturday 28th

10 am - 4 pm


Anita Bell


Anita Bell is an artist and designer maker. She creates large scale

art installations for public and private spaces, assemblages and

sculptures that are carefully constructed by hand using found

objects, domestic items, photography, textiles, papers and twigs

from the hedgerows.


Anita’s work is an exploration around the notion of ‘home’ and a

sense of belonging. Importantly bound into the work is a dialogue about our deep connection to nature and our remaining wild spaces.


Anita writes:


"In an attempt to explain my approach to this work, fundamentally I sense that everything is alive, each thing that I handle and come across in my day to day life from something as humble and utilitarian as a china cup to the vast and ancient granite stones I clamber over whilst out on the slopes of the moors.


This feeling is an important one to me and significantly informs how I live my life and how it translates into what I create.  The process for me is one of playfulness. It doesn't so much matter where I might be, whether in city streets or walking through a wood of oaks and beeches, it is there.


My sense of playfulness is innate and comes from a place of inspiration, curiosity and a feeling of poignancy for the things that I might have come across during the day; silvery hazel twigs, shaggy chunks of lichen, bundles of gingery bracken or flotsam from the sea.


I love the process of collecting these bits and pieces of nature and domestic family life and taking them back to my studio without really knowing what I'm going to do with them, but just seeing what happens; allowing something to happen of it's own accord."



Anita Bell unnamed